WooderBottle is my patent-pending design for a fully biodegradable water bottle. Made from a German "liquid wood" material, it is 100% plant sourced, yet fully waterproof, recyclable, and biodegradable. Additionally, this disposable variant is fully stackable for packing optimization, and can be used as a source of fuel when done.

Traditional "biodegradable" bottles touted by bottled water companies are actually made from PLA, a corn-based plastic that only degrades when composted - thus not in a landfill. In a landfill, it breaks down into microscopic "microbeads" that infiltrate our water systems and poison aquatic life. WooderBottle sought to solve that problem.

The first design stressed optimal packing efficiency for a throw-away bottle, whereas the second design stressed portability and convenience for a reusable bottle. Attention to aesthetics prevailed throughout the design process.